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Six Tips to Help You Control Your Asthma this Fall & Winter

Do you know that the majority of asthma hospitalizations happen during the fall and winter months? As the seasons change, cooler temperatures will make it harder for many people with asthma to control their symptoms.  Both the fall and winter months are some of the hardest for asthmatics to manage their symptoms and avoid asthma attacks. One of the biggest challenges for people with asthma is being forced to stay indoors more because of the cold weather.

Many asthma triggers can be found indoors, so it’s important that if you have asthma that, you should take proper precaution during the fall and winter months to eliminate those triggers. Covina Urgent Care in Covina, California has six ways you can take control of your asthma during the fall and winter seasons.

  1. Keep your mouth closed. It’s better for you to breathe through your nose, and not your mouth when you’re out in the cold air because your nose works to warm up the air before it hits your lungs. Wearing a scarf to cover your mouth and nose can keep you from breathing in the cold air too quickly as well.
  2. Take preventative steps to avoid asthma flares. Take a preventive dose of your asthma medicine before exercising, heading out into the cold air or run errands. Taking your inhaler will help to open your airways and give you protection against flare ups.
  3. Asthma Action plan. If you have an existing action plan it’s important to review it, as well as your known triggers, with your doctor. Create a plan with your doctor if you don’t have one completed. No matter what season, you should always have an action plan.  Action plans help you and those close to you know what to do if your asthma symptoms should flare up.
  4. Wash your hands. Washing your hands properly with soap and water frequently is the best way to avoid spreading and catching colds or other viruses.
  5. Take your medications. Keep your medications filled. Work with your doctor to create an effective treatment plan and stick to regular checkups. If you find that you have trouble with your asthma symptoms in the winter, talk with your doctor. Any time you notice a change in your symptoms, schedule an appointment to see your doctor or asthma specialist.
  6. Replace household filters. You should replace the filters in your home’s heating/cooling system to make sure that it doesn’t blow out dust or debris. Keeping filters clean and replacing them regularly is a great way to reduce the release of asthma-causing triggers. You should check the filters and clean them periodically throughout the winter months to avoid any issues with your asthma.

Keeping your asthma under control throughout the fall and winter months will take some effort, but if you follow these six tips and work with your healthcare provider you can get through the season.

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